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Co in the alphabetical-arranged glass mark listings. In the center, not touching any numerals, is an O with an elongated ring around it, speed dating durban south africa sort of like a planet with a ring. There are a lot of questions and much uncertainty on these bottles.

Bottoms Up Can Two Bottoms Make a Relationship Work

Numbers on the bottoms of glass bottlesGLASS BOTTLE MARKS

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  • Please check out my page on Whitall-Tatum.
  • They were often saved and re-used as decanters, vases, etc, so lots of them are still around.
  • The bottle is brown in color and has what appears to be raised diamonds surrounding the bottle.
  • Can you tell me anything about it or were to Look?
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Yes, there were many slight variations in the embossed wording on the Vaseline jars. If you wish, you can email me a pic of the bottom to my address which is listed at the bottom right of any page on this site. Hm, I followed the advice given. Ben, it sounds like a non-returnable soda bottle from the ss. Often the markings on bottle bases are not clearly embossed, league of legends blind pick especially when the mold engraver was in a hurry or did not carefully engrave the number into the bottle mold.

Again, all of those numbers are on the bottom of the bottle. Virtually none of that era are known in clear glass. Illinois Glass made huge quantities of clear glass prescription bottles in the s and s. Italian Vintage Anal Threesome Pornstar.

Bottoms Up Can Two Bottoms Make a Relationship Work

Can you tell me anything about this bottle? Please see my webpage on Brody here. Hoping you can help me with this. Rarity and the possible value it.

Can There Be Two Tops in a Relationship

There is no big secret to success when it comes to online dating profiles. Any insight much appreciated. What can you tell me about this vase?

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Second is I believe a Heinz ketchup bottle but would like to date it if possible- has anH with a B in a circle under that. They are very plentiful, and were made for many years, with many slightly different lettering variations found. Italian Retro Vintage Anal Hardcore. This bottle base has date code to right.

The only markings are on the bottom. Bottles with only numbers on the base will be difficult to identify. American National Can Company mark.

It was made by dean manufacturing co chicago and is a moth proofing chemical. What do the letter and number code mean? Since I have several different pictures that rotate and appear at random along the top of the website, I assume you are speaking of the small squarish emerald green medicine bottle.

For a lot more detailed background information on Illinois Glass Company, their products and markings, you might try checking out this exhaustive. Brandan, they were probably made by Fairmount Glass Company, at their factory site located in Indianapolis. In any case, concerning value, how to I can only suggest you might try selling a jug online auction site and see what happens. Brody company makes floral vases today and the C is the model number. Would love to know the approximate age and use for the bottle.

Any idea what was sold in the bottle or how old is the bottle? The stars are the dots and the underlines are the empty spaces on the bottle? They are all full of a clear liquid and have never been opened. Please check my page on that glassmaker.

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  1. Please see my page on Owens-Illinois.
  2. Sometimes it was considered too expensive to engrave the molds with marks information that would help identify the maker.
  3. Many of them have concentric circles on the bottom with a mold number in the center.
  4. There have been many kinds of cod liver oil bottles made over the years.

On the front of the bottle is an embossed sailing ship. Hi Eric, Please check out my webpage on the Vaseline jars. It appears correctly when looking down into the glass. Posted by a hidden member.

Can 2 Bottoms Have A Successful Long-Term Relationship

The glass has a seam on an edge and has bubbles in the glass. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. See my page on that company.

We moved into a house in Stinson Beach last year that is on a double parcel and is built over the footprint of a cabin that was torn down in the late seventies. All they need is a top to poke them from time to time. In these cases, the general style, shape, glass color and other characteristics may help narrow down the possible age range of a particular specimen. There are concentric raised rings from the center to the outer double ring of raised dots.

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Hi Victoria, It may be a Bromo-Seltzer base, as mold numbers one or two digits were marked on the bottoms of a lot of those bottles. For guys that consider themselves strict bottoms, I don't think it could work out. In my past experience strict bottoms seem too needy and self absorbed. Here are three standout examples of strong dating profiles.

Please, no posts asking about value of an item. Something someone said to me today, however, really got me thinking. But you can tell that it looks like it had a screw on top. The base is from a bottle manufactured by Foster-Forbes. Can u tell me anything about this bottle.

Can There Be Two Tops in a Relationship

Can you help me identify the bottle and where it is made? Two dots Does anyone know what that means? That webpage lists a lot of bottle marks from around the world.

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