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This rarely happens through words alone. If fear causes you to retreat from your dreams, you will never give the world anything new. The more successful you are as a leader, the more difficult this becomes. It is my responsibility to bring clarity into the midst of the uncertainty. The greater the uncertainty, the greater the need for leadership.

Uncertainty exposes a lack of knowledge. People will follow you in spite of a few bad decisions. Leaders worth following are willing to face and embrace current reality regardless of how discouraging or embarrassing it might be.

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Will I allow my fear to bind me to mediocrity? Clarity is perceived as leadership. It is impossible to generate sustained growth or progress if your plan for the future is not rooted in reality. When leaders are no longer willing to dream, it is only a short time before followers are unwilling to follow. People will not follow you if you are unclear in your instruction.

Unsolved problems are gateways to the future. By going first, the leader furnishes confidence to those who follow.

Pretending exposes a lack of character. You will never maximize your potential in any area without coaching. Your capacity as a leader will be determined by how well you learn to deal with uncertainty. You need a leadership coach. There will always be more opportunities than there is time to pursue them.

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Where there is no uncertainty, there is no longer the need for leadership. The individual in your organization who communicates the clearest vision will often be perceived as the leader. You owe it to yourself and to those who have chosen to follow you to open the doors to evaluation.

That will require courage. What has been done is safe. God, in His wisdom, has placed men and women around us with the experience and discernment we often lack.

To those who have the courage to ask the question and the tenacity to hang on until they discover or create an answer belongs the future. My enemy is not uncertainty. There is far more pressure at the top of an organization than you might imagine. Great leaders are great learners. What do I believe is impossible to do in my field, but if it could be done would fundamentally change my business?

As a leader you must develop the elusive skill of leading confidently and purposefully onto uncertain terrain. Evaluated experience is what enables you to improve your performance. But to attempt a solution to a problem that plagues an entire industry - in my case, xpress mobile dating the local church - requires courage. Express your uncertainty with confidence.

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