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It seems like most people here are attacking Creationists and people that do not believe in evolution. The museum argues that the fossil record has been misinterpreted and that Tyrannosaurus rex was a vegetarian before Adam and Eve bit into that sin-inducing apple.

TerranRich Way to cherry-pick certain mistakes science has made, and put all the focus there. Then they divvy up the promised land before actually possessing it The first use of short selling. Oh yeah, he kills them by the thousand. It is possible to directly observe speciation in organisms with extremely short life spans, and these kinds of experiments have been repeated.

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Before we shut off the lights tonight I wanted to respond to a slight criticism recently posted in an otherwise extremely complimentary review. And we finish with a soft close concerning inheritances and marriage.

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Then they go to war with the Midianites and slaughter them. He opens the earth and swallows whole houses.

That is an observation that is repeatable. You call that a grain offering? Should you voice your critiques? Would you want rabbis in the front lines of your army?

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The old grain offering dirty water miscarriage trick. All the music used in this episode was written and performed by yours truly and yes, I did have my permission. Creationism is a theory not supported by most mainstream Christian churches.

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Not pale, bearded, shitty drivers that started the Crown Heights Riots by running over a black pedestrian. Have you studied evolution at all? Because they used all the goat taxes to become job creators. Birds to Dinosaurs or Dinosaurs to birds? And of course, god needs money to go with his army.

Sure, but I guess this was supposed to be some grand punishment for not appreciating the triscuit rain, but not too impressive. Which sounds a lot like an endorsement for abortion. Yeah, I was expecting them to break out a scale and a duck at any moment.

Jon Oh wait, would this be the same radioisotope or Carbon dating that shows living creatures clams to be several thousands of years old? Take out your censers bitches. No, I want the Gershonites to carry the curtains! Their lungs were so large, and their breathing so fast, pictureless dating service that the friction of the oxygen passing through their nostrils caused it to catch fire.