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The dice dictate how fast and how far you travel. The game could be as short as two turns per round if players get one treasure.

It was easy to track as they sent me a link for delivery. There will also be a gung-ho player or two, and those that are conservative, and their attitudes will change depending on their haul after round one and two. This one's okay, though levels aren't ordered by difficulty very well.

You decide whether to claim the treasure you land on, and if you do, you replace it with a generic space token, so everyone still has to include this space on their descent, or ascent back up. Tsuu-Ki A somewhat difficult platformer about a cat with a rocket pack who wants to escape Ears gravity. Send a customized email about this game to a friend. The gameplay of roll and move is accessible to even the most novice gamer.

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Alive, but no treasure for their efforts. Kind of echos my thoughts. Doukeshi Monogatari Made for this.

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Make sure you're logged in and try again later. The game is so good and very different at every player count. If your review isn't R-rated, it will be posted shortly. You need to be logged in to use this feature. You are Quote Kuokeshi, click the clowns!

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In order to gain points, you must bring the most ruins chips back to the submarine. Deep Sea Adventure is the second Oink game we have played. Start Your Meeples is a Wordpress blog and uses Wordpress standard cookies, as well as cookies from a few selected partners. Very pleasantly surprised by how quick delivery was! They're all rivals, but their budgets force them all to share a single rented submarine.

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No Posts Yet Start a discussion with a new post. Bad rolls and players grabbing more treasure will destroy any hope of getting back to the surface.

Great for two to play but will also be great for family get together too. Deep Sea Adventure can be set up anywhere that you have a flat playing surface.

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Looking for more Dress up games? Oink Games offers something unique within the gaming world. There can, with the right group of people, also be a fair amount of meta in the game.

Loading Prices Submit Price Link. Ooooh have you played Start ups? Rinse and repeat and the player with the higher score after three rounds wins the game!

Use your time management skills to run farms from Africa to Antarctica is this farm fresh sequel! If they don't get back to the sub before they run out of air, they'll drop all their treasure. Mid-game on Deep Sea Adventure. Ayakashi Akashi by Miwashiba New! This is not for the gaming snob in your life.

Part of the Addicting Games network. Warhammer Warhammerfantasy warhammerageofsigmar ageofsigmar ageofsigmarminiature miniatures miniaturegames sigmar chaos spacemarines gamesworkshop ukgamesexpo ukgamesexpo ukge ukge. Play s of free professionally made games online. When a player travels down into the ocean, ios 5 software they skip over any spaces that are occupied by other players.

As you search, collect points and grab coins to upgrade your sub with higher speed, better lights, a stronger hull, and more. Share on Google Plus Share. The game itself was brilliant, easy to set up and the rules were in sections so easy to keep referring to until we got the hang of it. Top Video Links Loading Videos. They are distinctive and stand out in the marketplace for being one of the innovators of the small box game.

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This is where it is the great white shark in the tuna salad. If a player gets back to the sub, they can look at the values on their treasure tokens. As such, you have to be in the right frame of mind to play it, but when you do you will probably have a good time. Well, to be blunt, it is incredibly simple.

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The Deep Sea Adventure layout. Mogeko Castle by Deep-Sea Prisoner. Description Deep Sea Adventure might best be described as a whole lot of game in a small box. Not freeware Libretta A horror-esque puzzle-filled adventure game about a lost girl and a library.