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What, are you gonna fight him? Not sure if that helps but thought I'd throw that out there. And you have the audacity to freak out on this Congressional candidate, this retired cop, calling him a tough guy? Learn something about guns and get back to me. She actually to be honest broke up with him the next day because of that.

Even the ones that are dating never touch each other. Now me on the other hand, events dating I'm more loose in the whole dating area. There's even this couple that I've never knew were dating offically until they announced their engagement. And believe me they will never change.

We need new leaders in Congress. And found the weapons that were modified with bump stocks that would allow him to do that. Tucker, I know they get hot.

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You want somebody in Congress to step up. Of course their not but I hope to run into one someday.

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And furthermore, Carlson is wrong. And furthermore, sense when do you care about facts? No, the barrel would not melt.

This is what Republicans like to do when you try to talk about gun control. This goes for the guys as well which is why I find it hard to date them. People are laughing at you, because you are ignorant. He just wanted to come up for a sec. You know what works, actually facts work.

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And yet, we take the news. This separate accounting shall be done on a monthly basis.

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