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British Journal of Educational Psychology. General knowledge is an important component of crystallized intelligence. It is strongly associated with general intelligence and with openness to experience. The Khyber Pass links which two countries?

This website uses cookie or similar technologies, to enhance your browsing experience and provide personalised recommendations. How many pairs of ribs are there in the human body? The Great Barrier Reef is off coast of which Australian state? What is a rhinoceros horn made of? The Gobi desert extends over which two countries?

What is the Hook of Holland? Journal of Educational Psychology. Let us read more about Anthropocene, why it matters and what is golden spike. General knowledge has been found to robustly predict proofreading skills in university students.

High scorers on tests of general knowledge tend to also score highly on intelligence tests. Which musical instrument is played by both exhaling and inhaling?

Not to be confused with Common knowledge. Studies have found that people who are highly knowledgeable in a particular domain tend to be knowledgeable in many. Quicklime is an alkaline powder obtained by strongly heating which other material? Menstrual Hygiene Day creates awareness and change negative perception associated with menstrual hygiene. Both medicinal plants and manufactured pharmaceuticals rely on biodiversity.

General Knowledge Notes SSC Railway & Govt. Exams

General Knowledge Notes SSC Railway & Govt. Exams

After World War I, Transylvania became part of which country? Which three countries, apart from the former Yugoslavia, share borders with Greece? Napier is a city in which country?

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The river Danube rises in which country? General knowledge is also moderately associated with verbal ability, though only weakly or not at all with numerical and spatial ability. More in The Polity Articles.

Which country is separated form Ethiopia by the Red Sea? What name is given to a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and tartaric acid used in cooking? Let us read more about Menstrual Hygiene Day, phases of menstrual cycle and hormonal changes related to it.

The northern part of which country is called Oesling? Researchers have acknowledged that other domains of general knowledge may exist. The Palk Strait separates which two countries? What is the main port of Italy? The authors of this study suggested that this male advantage most likely reflects differences in interests rather than differences in verbal or memory ability.

General Knowledge GK Book

General knowledge

Longest Largest Smallest etc. All six of these factors were highly intercorrelated i.

In which state is Harvard University? In which country is the ancient city of Tarsus? It has a glorious history of at least two thousand five hundred years or more.

The river Douro forms part of the border between which two countries? Ga is the symbol for which element? Which ancient measure of length was based on the length of the arm from fingertip to elbow? Bharatiya Janata Party Presidents. Mount Logan is the highest peak in which country?

What is the capital of Libya? Personality and Individual Differences. The ruling Bhartiya Janta Party is the largest political party in the world in terms of primary membership, total members of parliament and members of legislative assemblies. Let us read more when Telangana state was formed, how it was formed and how Telangana formation day is celebrated.

General knowledge

This category caters not only to competition aspirants but also very useful for general readers. The General knowledge section of jagranjosh. More in General Knowledge Quiz Articles. Psychology Knowledge Intelligence Factors related to intelligence Psychological testing Memory processes.

Which six countries border the Black Sea? Types of Ministers and their Portfolios Indian cricketers did not play any match despite being in the World Cup team.

Rising global temperatures, sea levels, depleting ozone layer and acidifying oceans are the result of human activity. General knowledge has been found to have weak associations with measures of creativity. What is measured by an ammeter?

General Knowledge Notes for NTS Tests

Which precious metal has the symbol Pt? Food production relies on biodiversity for a variety of food plants, pollination, pest control, nutrient provision, genetic diversity, and disease prevention and control. Learning and Individual Differences. In which country is the Great Slave Lake? In the Greek alphabet, what is the name for the letter O?

Which English queen had an extra finger on her hand? Many game shows use general knowledge questions. Apart from America, which is the only country in the world to which alligators are native? Females scored moderately higher than males in medicine and cookery. Game shows such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Here, we are presenting the most important questions and answers being asked about environmental days in various competitive examinations. Apart from French, German and Romansch, what is the fourth official language of the Switzerland? Albania, Bulgaria, resident evil 4 pc game for windows xp Turkey. Geography What is Anthropocene Human activity has fundamentally changed our planet.