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Serial numbers for Early Gibson Mandolins
Gibson Mandolin Serial Number Search on The Session

Bear in mind that its not a precise science. Sheraton Brown, finish is fair but original. Didn't want to feel like i was wasting both our times so i got it anyway. Epiphone Acoustics Search In.

Late-1920s to 1933

Probably a model based on the ones returned in the search for yours. If you can't read the pencilled number try different types of strong light - in some you can see it in some you can't. While most people don't have access to this catalog details many in the vintage do.

Our hope is to make the dating process and, in turn, the valuation as easy, online dating sites tips accurate and transparent as possible. Dating a Gibson by Serial Number. Is there anyway of identifying it precisly to the year? Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

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The new system seems to be just continously running model numbers rather than a dedicated code for year, month, and place of manufacture. Mandolin that is it seems quite old. Specimens built before had a star inlay or crescent in place of a logo. Any info and estimate price would be much appreciated?

1902 to Late-1920s
  1. Bound on top, back, sides, around the fingerboard.
  2. The ranking number may consist of any number of digits.
  3. Hi, this maybe one of those daft questions so please bear with me.
  4. Pearl dots on the fingerboard.
  5. But the value of the instruments go way down from their original value.
  6. Shaped hardshell case with red lining most of the time.

Double ring of purfling around the soundhole. The first number of the sequence indicates the decade of production, followed by the three digit day of the year, and finally the year. You should be able to use this guide to determine the year of your instrument and then consult the Reverb Price Guide to find its value, all for free. Numbers from this era were flipped, reused, and in many cases can date an instrument to several non-sequential years. Instrument structure is in great shape and plays well as is.

More detail on this model. Concerned no one is watching this and I really could use a reply. But that's just my opinion. There are basically four distinct formats, also called identifiers, in which order serial numbers occur on Epiphone instruments.

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What You Need to Know About Gibson Serial Numbers

Methods For Dating a Gibson Instrument. Gibson serial numbers By piiman in forum Equipment. Determining exactly when your Gibson specimen was made can have high stakes attached to it.

  • If at any point you feel confused or just want a second set of eyes on your instrument, you can always chat live with a Reverb employee during normal business hours.
  • Shaped fingerboard extension.
  • The year is indicated by the first letter in any series of letters for these years.
  • It has with it the origianl case and pick guard.

Gibson Serial Numbers

The latest serial number system used by Epiphone has not yet been completely deciphered. Thick white ring between the double purfling around the soundhole. Pre productions also frequently omit the factory letter codes and appeared as all digits, e. Shaped hardshell or canvas case.

How to Date a Gibson Using Serial Numbers FONs and

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Pearl dots on fingerboard. Many older instruments may have reproduction or other non-original parts, including a non-original finish. Originally Posted by InspectorMorse. Gibson numbers are approximate because there is several overlaps in years decades apart.

Oops, looks like you forgot something. Some earlier specimens from to did not slant the logo, or went without a logo entirely. For Japanese and refurbished models, which are special cases, see bottom.

Paste as plain text instead. If you know the backstory around when the instrument was purchased, this can provide some rough clues about its era. These will generally date an instrument earlier than the serial number, as they were typically applied in the early stages of assembly. This is sometimes referred to as the slanted script logo. As one of the oldest and most widely recognized brands in music, zippo dating lighters Gibson has crafted some of the most cherished and valuable instruments of all time.

Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second. The following is a comprehensive list of factories and countries for serial numbers that start with at least one letter. Any help greatly appreicated.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. We can see tgat clearly on the water damaged label. Gibson stopped dotting the i in their logo on some of their instruments.

What a serial number can and can t tell you about your Gibson

The script logo continues without the slant. There is no way to tell the year or the month it was made. Please check the fields highlighted in red. Display as a link instead. Below is a table of the the highest known number for each production year.

Bitch sides and back stained red. Originally Posted by Pug att. This information has not been officially confirmed by Epiphone. The archives is also a good place to fish for information if you know what lake to fish in! The binding on the top is black then white.

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Vintage replacement mandolin pickguards. You could search the Mandolin Archive by similar serial numbers sequential. By telepbrman in forum Looking for Information About Mandolins. What gives it away is the sticker that goes over the original Epiphone serial number. When it doubt post a photo with serial number information here and you'll get a pretty exact date.

One ring of purfling around the soundhole. Shaped hardshell case with green or red silk lining most common. Headpiece veneered in black on the front.

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