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During time-consuming operations, the status area temporarily shows the running operation and how complete the operation is. Please see Single Window Mode. Dragging an image file into the Layer dialog adds it to the image as a new layer. By default, it also contains the foreground and background colors. By default, only the Foreground-background icon is visible.

The right panel collects layers, channels, paths, undo history dialogs together in a multi-tab dock, brushes, patterns and gradients dialogs together in another dock below. When the image dimensions are smaller than the image window, this padding area separates the active image display and the inactive padding area, so you're able to distinguish between them.

The Navigation Preview has a miniature view of the image with the displayed area outlined. Knowledgeable users generally keep the Toolbox with Tool Options and Layers dialog open at all times. Clicking on any of these symbols brings up a dialog window that allows you to change it.

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You also have this button in toolbox window and layer window. Click and drag a ruler into the image to create a guide. One of the most important uses of rulers is to create guides. But you can decrease or increase their width by dragging the moving pointer that appears when the mouse pointer overflies the right border of the left pane. Image size and image window size can be different.

The units are the same as for the rulers. When an image is modified, an asterisk appears in front of title. Note that the memory used by the image is very different from the image file size.

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It only affects the toolbox. By default, the Status Area displays the original name of the image. Screenshot of the Toolbox. See Navigation Dialog for other ways to access the Navigation Window. You can notice two panels, left and right, and an image window in middle.

An image can be bigger than the image window. Here you find a small iconic representation of the active image. You can define your own custom shortcuts for menu actions, if you enable Use Dynamic Keyboard Shortcuts in the Preferences dialog.

Contains a set of icon buttons used to select tools. Use the Cancel button to stop the operation. The result is a high level of customization as demonstrated by the large number of scripts and plug-ins created by the community.

Many menu commands are also associated with keyboard shortcuts as shown in the menu. From retouching to restoring to creative composites, the only limit is your imagination. Clicking on the double-headed arrow swaps the two colors, and clicking on the small symbol in the lower left corner resets them to black and white.

An image window with an image displays the image name and its specifications in the title bar according to the settings in Preference Dialog. When the Quick Mask is on, the button is outlined in red. The most important part of the image window is, of course, the image display or canvas.

In the default layout, rulers are shown above and to the left of the image. You can even use multiple guides at the same time.

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If your mouse has a middle-button, click-drag with it to pan across the image. If you want to keep the left pane narrow, please use the slider at the bottom of the tool options to pan across the options display. The eyes in the Image window are only visible when you do not have an open image.

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After the Cotton by Pat David cba. You can also mask them using the Tab key. You can add brush, pattern, gradient and active image icons. The default unit is pixels, but you can quickly change to inches, cm, or several other possibilities using this menu.

Download GIMP for Windows macOS & Linux (x64/x32 Bit)

Many images can be open at the same time, limited by only the system resources. There are two primary reasons the difference in memory usage. Clicking on either one of them brings up a color selector dialog that allows you to change to a different color. The left panel collects Toolbox and Tool Options dialog together.

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When the pointer mouse cursor, if you are using a mouse is within the image boundaries, the rectangular area in the lower left corner of the window displays the current pointer coordinates. Short cut keys are also frequently shown in the tooltip. The small button in the lower left corner of the image toggles the Quick Mask on and off. It occupies the central area of the window, surrounded by a yellow dotted line showing the image boundary, against a neutral gray background. Click the Menu Button to display the Image Menu in a column, essential in full screen mode.

The following sections walk you through the components of each of the windows shown in the screenshot, explaining what they are and how they work. During complex time-consuming operations, usually a plug-in, microsoft silverlight 4 a Cancel button temporarily appears in the lower right corner of the window. Use the Units Menu to change the units used for rulers and several other purposes.