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Suddenly, sage Parashurama appeared there and told them to install the idol in an apt location in Bhargava Kshetra. Brihaspati and Vayu landed on the ground and prostrated before the divine parents of the world. Ithile govindan arike vannoro Puthumayaayulla vachanangal Madhuramaam vannam paranjum pal Mandasmithavum thooki vaa kani kanaan. Sutapas and Prashni continued their prayer after getting the idol, and finally the Lord appeared before them. All problems will be solved by this, and even if you die, it is considered great.

The deity again remained unmoved. The temple has gopurams in the east and the west. He came back to his palace and asked the astrologer why the prediction was wrong.

He was advised to go and pray before Guruvayurappan. Finally, on the day before the end of his worship, he had a darshan of Lord Krishna, after which his disease was cured. Dwarka, which was filled by beautiful palaces, gardens and lush greenery, was completely destroyed in the Tsunami.

Balaji on Chethi mandaram thulasi. He also told that it was there the ten princes called Prachetas came for penance upon Lord Vishnu for attaining the status of Prajapati, and he discoursed Rudra Gita to them. Unni bought some salted mangoes and curd from a neighborhood vendor, thinking that the Lord would prefer this, mixed the curd with rice and offered it again. Now it was time for the Lord to return to his original abode. So this is the reason why baby Krishna is worshipped on a Vishnu deity.


Redirected from Guruvayoorappan. On the ninth day, Avatharam was repeated as the Samoothiri felt that it was not auspicious to end the series with the demise of Lord Krishna. Unni cajoled, requested, coaxed and in the end threatened, avi to video ts converter but the deity remained unmoved.

Oru Varam Sri Guruvayoorappan Malayalam Film Song

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Brihaspati was overjoyed, but he could not go near the idol due to the nature of the Tsunami and also it was floating towards the other side. The blessed art form is still maintained by guruvayur devaswom and staged as an offering by devotees. Glossary of Hinduism terms Hinduism portal. He built a temple for the idol here, and daily worshipped the idol with deep obeisances, despite being an avatar of Lord Vishnu himself. He could only see and not touch Him.

Demigods headed by Indra showered flowers. In all the three births, they had the fortune to worship the holy idol of Lord Vishnu made by the Lord himself.

In gratitude, the King built the temple at Guruvayur and set apart funds for the daily routine of the temple. The boy left the temple satisfied. Though the main story about the idol is just starting since the story of Lord Krishna, its antiquity goes long back, since it is believed to have constructed by Lord Vishnu himself. At that time, sage Atreya the son of sage Atri came to visit him and told him to worship Lord Mahavishnu in Guruvayur. Since the king was wholly absorbed in the Lord, Who alone can dispense with fate, he did not feel the sting.

As the Lord prophesied, there came a huge Tsunami on the week followed. Gurus, saints, philosophers. Finally, when they were reborn as Vasudeva and Devaki, the Lord took birth as their eighth son Krishna. Suddenly, they saw a large, beautiful lake on the western side of Bhargava Kshetra, very close to the sea. He tried numerous ways to cure his disease, but none of them worked.

So, I followed the boy around the temple. This section needs additional citations for verification.

No sooner, they saw Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati dancing on the lake shore. After hearing this story, Janamejaya proceeded to Guruvayur along with his family, and stayed there for a year.


He undergoes the job of creating the universe, while Lord Vishnu preserves it and Lord Shiva destroys it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Lord could not bear it any more, and made the Nivedyam disappear.

During these days, he worshipped the Lord with deep obeisances and also visited Mammiyur temple to worship Lord Shiva. When Variyar returned to the temple, he saw the empty plate and became very angry with Unni, but Unni insisted that God had, in fact, eaten the offering. Brihaspati took the idol in his hands, but he could not answer where to install it. One day, the King realized that the time of his death had passed. Unni's innocent words made Variyar furious, as he believed the boy had eaten the offering himself and was lying.

Oru Varam Sri Guruvayoorappan Malayalam Film Song

Oru Varam Sri Guruvayoorappan Malayalam Film SongSri Guruvayoorappan - K.J. YesudasSongsPk Mp3

Shishukkalayulla saghimarum thanum Pashukkale meychu nadakkumbol Vishakkumbol venna kavarnnunnum krishnan Aduthu vaa unni kani kanaan. Only the top of a huge mountain survived. The shop-keeper caught hold of the boy and accused him of the theft. The deepastamba column of lights was erected in by a devotee from Thiruvananthapuram.

By the time Brihaspati reached Dwarka, everything was over. Main traditions Vaishnavism Shaivism Shaktism Smartism. The wise man showed him the mark on his left foot where the cobra had bitten him. Nearby it, there was lush greenery.