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The saxophonist pays homage to his late mother, balancing moments of ruminative sadness with buoyant evocations of joy. Ambient chil-out track with atmospheric and inspiring mood. Another good thing with this trance hypnotic music is that no special or extra effort is required to get into the skin of the music. Ethnic tribal music with a dark atmosphere and hypnotic rhythms. Share on facebook twitter tumblr.

Cinematic powerful trailer music with dramatic motivational and orchestral mood. Great for African safari videos, wild jungles, hunting scenes, and more. Perfect background audio for any business projects, corporate videos, on-hold systems, or other media, needing neutral, confident sound. Introspection Late Night Partying. The duo dress their noir-ish Americana with bold colors on this startling, satisfying album.

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Excellent for promo videos, time lapse or travel vlog. Perfect for videos with nature, timelapse videos or another inspiring video projects. This is peaceful, beautiful, calm and atmospheric corporate music with light and warm sound. An infectious, funky, and uplifting disco dance track influenced by Daft Punk that builds energy. Ethnic electronic fusion track with a contemporary sound inspired by Deep Forest.

This is a slow and floating music track, full of peace and relaxation. Suitable for modern films footage sound covering. Solid and positive modern pop song in the slow pace, with addictive and floating synth patterns, wobbling sounds, human voice chops. Perfect background audio for independent film, beautiful timelapse, vimeo, wedding, websites, lovely media, travel videos.

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Great choice for technological commercials, new product promo, scientific discoveries and innovations, futuristic commercials, time lapse video, car concept, etc. Calm and beautiful acoustic track. On their first album in seven years, the band reimagines vintage sounds to skewer the regressive politics of the late s. This is a moving and gentle contemporary drama music that builds from a tender and emotive beginning to a grand and passionate climax. Hypnotic synth chords, fashion, trending sounding.

Altar Ego Track 7 Fire Singing by Silvia Hartmann.mp3

The hypnotic melody creates a dramatic but action packed vibe while the bass and drums hit with power. Great for business presentation, website on-hold music, hypnotic slideshow, also good for relaxation, online vegas slots no education and group work. This hypnotic electronic music combines a mellow style with spacey energy. Mysterious royalty free meditation music with soulful zen ambiance.

It helps in relieving the mind from different types of tensions. Suitable as a background for a video on the theme of glamorous life, travel, nightclubs, fashion shows, a dancing crowd, slow-motion shots, etc. Floating and chill, featuring digital loops, ambient synths that create a hypnotic, anxious mood.

Soft piano melodies with nature sounds and noises in the background. Magical chimes and modern drums evoke a tranquil sense of motion or innovation. Beautiful, light and gentle corporate composition with optimistic and inspiring mood.

Hypnotic minimal electro track with the modern sound of twisted beats and cutting edge glitch effects. Electronic Folk International. The synthesizer melodies play a plucky rhythm over keys, punchy drums, whispering strings, and bass.

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As for the direction of the video, the track will be suitable for any themes on the themes of modern life such as glamorous parties, fashion shows, street vendors and commercials. Wonderful background music for any corporate video, radio broadcast, presentations, YouTube and other multimedia projects. Tense, repetitive, monotonous mood for lining up stories, and any sort of waiting situation.

DragonRising Radio Show.mp3

Ideal for scenes of adventures, action, thriller, hackers, cyber punk, movie soundtracks, etc. Recharged and newly independent, the singer, songwriter, and producer returns with a safe seventh album. Perfect for videos with nature, timelapse videos or other inspiring video projects. Brisk, no-frills dance set from the electronic duo that relies more on clever samples than guest stars.

The only effort required is to listened to the music in a cool and serene environment and make the ambience that suits this kind of music the best. This people do to get relax and ease themselves from the pressure of worldly affairs. Suitable for meditation, Zen practice, yoga asana, relaxation, spa treatment etc. Featuring Chinese Guzheng Zither accompanied by warm strings, percussions, and other traditional Chinese instruments.

This minimalistic music is a smooth blend of style and elegance vibes. In such a scenario people try different types of techniques to help themselves stay in better mental state and listening to this kind of music is one of them.

Beautiful background music which implies reflection and hope. Here we have used the piano, cello, viola, violin, horns, drums.

Suitable as a soundtrack for dreams and a peaceful mind, yoga Nidra practice, deep relaxation, moments of stillness and tranquility. The trance music also helps people to get into a meditative state of mind easily. Good for the spiritual practice of yoga, zen, meditation, mindfulness, reiki healing massage, relaxation and spa. Great fashionable dance loop for your stunning videos. Wheeltappers and Shunters.

Hypnotic Music Mood Overview

Calm and peaceful background music with light, soft, and beautiful mood. This cinematic electronic music combines a dramatic spirit with a funky vibe. Great for healing meditation, a relaxing practice of yoga or thai chi, spa massage, etc. It will complement any video with a unique stylish sound and will give recognition from the first notes. Stylish background in modern Future Chill style.

Inspiring Corporate Growing. It makes them connect to the inner person which is still unrevealed for that person too. Great for jungle and safari background, Native American life and wild scenes, primitive and ancient videos, African nature movies and much more. Ideal for cinematic video projects, medical film, determination, state between life and death, strength and tenderness. Deep, warm bass, RnB motives.

Perfect background music for adventure films, intros, presentations, fantasy movies and trailers, games, nature timelapse and other video projects. Rehabilitation centers use this music hugely to provide a cool and calm environment to their patients. This is anew age chill out track featuring Indian instruments and smooth synth sounds.

Altar Ego Track 7 Fire Singing by Silvia Hartmann.mp3

Cool lounge track with smooth synth sounds and hypnotic drums machine. Featuring strings orchestra and Indian instruments with warm and smooth synth sounds and arpeggiators with hypnotic drums machine. Perfect background audio for any video, media, YouTube, or slideshow. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Great usage in any kind of corporate and business presentations, kickstarter and crowdfunding campaigns, traveling and inspirational Youtube video shots.