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His love interest is Smash-Hopperoo. She was once an average reoprter from Channel Six News and she loves her job. He can use a sharp energy sword a fireproof acidproof and laserproof shield and armour and a large powerful morning star as a weapon. He has a cousin named Platymodo.

He owns a rocket powered skateboard which he can travel around the city and is armed with a pair of energy blades built by Monkey Brains that can makeshift a dual ened sword. Angered and Upset of her mutation she snuffed them out clean with her fists and venom. He loved them so much especially Slobster's cooking and his favourite is scrambled pterodactyl eggs with mashed cockroaches and slugs and roast Turkeyfish steaks.

Ever since he destroyed the entire Triceraton from the Earth's destruction with the Heart of Darkness they began to miss him. Upon meeting Slash at first he was aggressive to him and he was good friends.

Emilie-Claire Barlow plays the contestant Courtney on Total Drama and stated that Courtney was her favorite character that she had ever played. Her love interest is Kickin Cluckwolfer. He's based of Slash from series has Leo's leadership skills and combat tactics Raph's strength and anger Donnie's endurance and super-smart tactics and Mikey's agility. When the ringmaster saw her in action he's impressed that she does her best so he decied to hire her and replace The Amazing Krudsy much to his anger and dismay. He has many frightening encounters since he was a sewer worker.

He's the one who adopted Arkayna after her parents were killed. She was very talented at playing guitar keytar drums trumpet saxophone and even shamisen. He was once Hamato Yoshi who carrying four turtles from a pet store until he bumped a strange man carrying a canister of mutagen and was transformed into a humanoid rat and raised four turtles. In the ninth and tenth season she wears an armour and wields a Mojo Eclipse Sword.

Since K-Modo was a mutant Komodo Dragon she became a couple. Slash was impressed with her street smarts and fighting skills and decided to team up with them. She was given by a strapless bathing suit with Y shaped rubber tube that can shoots concentrated gas blasts smoke bombs and enhance her jumps or slow his falls. He was in relationship with Lotus Blossom. He wields a powerful mace as a weapon.

One night when he returned home from the drama club he saw GorillaMutt and his three hired thugs stole a truck full of Ultimate Mutagen and he decided to investigate. He uses saia as weapons but were crushed so he currently used sharp bladed twin sais that can cut through anything.

His love interest is Miss Cluckette. Leo was overjoyed to see him and Usagi has decided to become their new mentor for the Nina Turtles along with Splinter. He can be rebellious towards his teammates and decisions sometimes just like Zarya rebels her teammates from Mysticons. He met Russell who works here and became good friends.

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He used the twin katanas as weapons but was shattered to pieces. He was once an hatchling who was raised by Jackson Mondo Gecko until his parents found out and they flushed him down in the sewers. He was funny kind compassionate and someimes a goofball but he's a good hearted friend and loves to hang out with his mutant friends. He was shown to be great friends with Sorcer-Griffin.

He can use sharp claws as a weapon he also used cartoonized weapons from his rucksack and he can jump at high places to create shockwaves. He claimed that this is his sanctuary of his Academy and they're trespassing.

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He was once a rock star who plays with his electric guitar causing the girls screaming especially Mondo Gecko was a big fan of his music and smashing all the equipment. Most voice actors have only voiced one character, non sedating antihistamines examples while some actors have voiced two characters. He has a habit of naming mutants just like Mondo and Krowturebeak. Rosiarra Tegan Moss A bratty and spoiled yet good hearted long blonde haired Neutrino and has a huge crush on Mummi-Kobra.

He was related to Rockodile. She loves Mondo Gecko as her own mutated boyfriend.

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She also helps the Turtles to travel through time to defeat Savanti Romero. She was taken missions very seriously and when it comes to training she's focused and can beat anyone without breaking a sweat and one hand tied behind her back.