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Push the box off the ledge and assemble the pieces to make your first Suit Pad. Press Square on the two valve icons in the corners to shut off the steam above. You're now in a large open area that will soon become rather hazardous, and your objective is to get that T-Rex in the back moving. Head to the right and up the stairs in the back, then drop down into the water and flip the switch to raise the green tank. This also releases the second part of your helicopter, but don't bother assembling it yet.

One is in the southeast corner, and the third is up near the stairs you build to get to the stage. Remember Me Forgot Password. Because I felt I should pick one or the other, and I'd rather have you start from the beginning than trace your way back from the ending. If they're On, Alfred will give you a vocal note to pay attention to the bottom of the screen. Pull down the pull handle on the arm, then climb the ladder and have both characters stand on the buttons.

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Lex emerges with Kryptonite and weakens Superman who falls. Assemble all the pieces, then hop on.

Head past the cameras and flip the switch to turn them off, then have Robin grab the Ice Suit again and put out the fires. Once you pass them, you may notice some blue barrels off to the back.

You'll just have to fix it. Use the Power Suit on the silver gate to the north, then climb up the wall and blast the statue.

This will raise a suit pad covered in gunk. You'll need to do this a total of three times. Run into walls and behind them to look for any areas you might be missing.

The freeze jets won't hurt him and he can cross all the way to the right. Pull open the box when it arrives and grab the Sensor Suit inside. Now, the idea in here is to use the Left Analog Stick to find parts you can move, then press Square to move them. Note that you must do this before knocking down the first silver support or else the truck will disappear. Pull open the handle behind it and you'll ride up a fan to the next area.

During the robot chase, boxes will float away from the Joker Robot on balloons. So, Scarecrow legged it down a hallway, which has not only fire, but cameras.

Do so three times and she'll get knocked down the hole in the stage. During the raid, Lex earned an admiration for The Joker, and the two form an alliance later when Lex breaks Joker out of Arkham. Wait around for a moment in the area to see if the objects appear. Inside the Carrier - The two of you will land on the gangway of the carrier. Blast the balloons on all five of them for five easy canisters.

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Sonic it away so Superman can climb up and use X-Ray on the green wall. Pull them up with Robin and you'll be able to bounce up to the orange chemical. Use it to shatter the two windows nearby, and another off on the right side of the rally.

Pokemon Go Posts How many have you caught? You need to cross those, so time your jumps carefully to land on them. Lobby - First, let's smash that red and yellow popcorn machine.

Power Armor Lex - Looks like Lex wants a piece of the action now. Citizen - Cyborg In the outside area, use a magnet to pull the antenna closer so the person on it can get off. In the back, blast all the silver objects flanking the door, then assemble the pieces of the terminal on the left.

If you ever run low on water in your tank, hop into any body of water to fill it up. Head up the stairs and into the room outside the cockpit. Burn the gold on the left and assemble the Sensor Suit, then turn invisible and turn the valve beneath the camera.

LEGO Batman 2 - DC Super Heroes

Have Robin use it to go to the right across the pit, throwing his staff. Climb up the left wall as Batman to avoid getting shocked, then pull power from the generator. Note that the water and air vehicles will be intially locked. Next, burn down the gold wall to the right, then rocket the silver pipes behind it.

Head further into the maze and Two-Face's Truck will show up. Head up and to the left until you see a silver wall. At the next level, have Robin use the wall sockets to flip up. Now, the screaming people are gone and you go up and back.

Blow out the fire in front of it, then assemble the grapple point, and grapple its door down. Have Robin cross to the left and take the Magnet Suit. Clear the fires from your path and smash the lockers to find parts for a Power Suit.

The Videogame and the second Lego Batman video game. Use Batman's sonic on the glass part of the floor, then pull down both Grapple Handles to the left. After learning of a break-in at Ace Chemicals, Batman and Robin search for clues as to what the Joker is up to. Electric Floors - While there are others that can handle generators, for floors or walls with electricity coursing through them, video app only Elec Suit Batman can weather them.