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Second, the continued production of autoantibody to self-antigen during an autoimmune disease can lead to prolonged immune complex formation. Disseminated lupus erythramatosis b. Cutaneous metastases a Most patients with trichotillomania, pressure-induced alopecia, early stages of traction alopecia. The arterioles dilate, which greatly reduces arterial blood pressure and increases capillary permeability with rapid loss of fluid into the tissue spaces. The documents and graphics on this Web site can be affected by technical inaccuracies or misprints, bimal mitra books for which we don't assume any liability.

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The condition is often confused with vitiligo and tinea versicolor. Plasma cells are more prominent in mucous membrane specimens. The age incidence, the fine scaling and the distribution of the lesions usually suggest the diagnosis. Civatte bodies are found in a Lichen planus b Psoriasis c Dermatophytosis d Vitiligo. Systemic lupus erythematosus.

This article gives clear idea in favor of the new people of blogging, that truly how to do blogging. When a second exposure to the allergen occurs, the allergen attaches to the surfacebound IgE on the sensitized mast cells causing degranulation. Which of the following conditions causes alopecia without scarring? Basal cell degeneration is characteristic of a Pemphigus b Lichen planus c Pemphigold d Psoriasis. However, this condition may be difficult to distinguish from pityriasis alba when it occurs on the face and in cases of later onset.

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It has been said that a relatively large, tense bulla suggests pemphigoid, whereas a flaccid bulla suggests pemphigus. An atrophic cicatrizing form of lichen planus with random and progressive nail loss in Asians and blacks has also been reported. Getting the right amount of exercise is helpful and can be done with something as simple as taking a walk. Inflammatory condition of the skin. When the allergens fungal spores enter the alveoli of the lungs, local immune complexes form, leading to inflammation.

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Frictional abrasives Missed. This condition may also be difficult to distinguish histologically, so follow-up and repeat biopsy are sometimes required. Select a chapter and receive high yield information, highlights, presentations and quizzes by chapter. Because of these reactions the individual can die within a few minutes from reduced venous return, asphyxiation, reduced blood pressure, and circulatory shock. All India a Lichen planus.

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In addition to chimeric and humanized antibodies, there are other pharmaceutical purposes for the creation of chimeric constructs. Table Description of Primary Skin Lesions. These are considered to be highly characteristic and are more easily observed after applying oil, xylene, or water and visualizing the lesions with a magnifying lens or a handheld dermatoscope. Which of the following are causes for Erythroderma?

Benign familial pemphigus Hailey-Hailey disease. Thinning, longitudinal ridging, and distal splitting of the nail plate onychoschizia are the most common findings. Difficult for men to deal with C. This year-old woman had a biopsy proven melena. Among the more commonly implicated are pyrazalone derivatives such as phenylbutazone, hydantoin derivatives, carbamazepine, cimetidine, gold salts and lithium.

This differs from a macule only in size. Several autoimmune disorders. Trichotillomania Which of the following conditions causes alopecia without scarring? Heya i will be for your main time period the following.

Potassium hydroxide mount C Tissue smear D. The dermis is a supporting matrix or ground substance in which polysaccharides and proteins are linked to produce macromolecules that have a remarkable capacity for retaining water.

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Apart from eccrine glands, the skin also contains apocrine sweat glands. The condition appears in most instances before puberty. Once the responsible allergen has been identified, the individual should avoid contact with it. The treatment of dermatophyte infections usually involves the use of oral terbinafine, fl uconazole itraconazole, griseofulvin or one of several well-tried topical preparations.

All are common of psoriasis except a Nail changes b Extensor distribution c Arthritis d Squamo erythematous lesions. These mediators trigger smooth muscle contractions, vasodilation, increased vascular permeability, and mucous secretion.

Vitamin D analogue calcitriol is useful in the treatment of a Lichen planus b Psoriasis c Pemphigus d Leprosy. These diseases are caused by viruses, mycobacteria, protozoa, and fungi that produce chronic infections in which the macrophages and T cells are continually stimulated.

Topical glucocorticoids classes I to V are also effective but take several months for initiation of hair growth, rather than the weeks for intralesional steroids. All those noted have been shown to be effective in a substantial majority of patients, provided they are used regularly. Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria.