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Multilinks telkom free browsing dating, multiLinks Hourly Browsing Plans

The six internet browsing packages consist of three hourly internet plans and three monthly internet plans targeted at different user needs. Mark my words, Multi links will rule Naija. Do allow your self to be a victim again and again, stick to what works for you, and wait for a firm that will spare the broadband revolution in Nigeria. Just get a good internet access with a minimal fee and you are good to go.

MultiLinks Hourly Browsing Plans

Na so u no trust chinko product reach? All they do is con a very intelligent ad copy and run some nice deceitful advert on various medium.

This internet browsing plan is not recommended for businesses that require several hours of internet access daily. This internet browsing plan is targeted at businesses users. This plan is targeted at users who are comfortable with night browsing.

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Money Back guarantee Dude, the average cybercafe here is poo so thats not a good pitch by you. The Router is open to any network.

Starcomms and Visafone are just saying they have speed but when i connect to this modem, i salute Multilinks. Multilinks with Telkom, no be small thing o! If you have need for internet only during the day, secretary training institute in bangalore dating the MultiLinks DayTime internet package is a good package.

All i can say for Multi links is wait and see. No system in the world is perfect so just get any good one and be ok with that. No expertise experience to install at all.

Multilinks Telkom New Evdo Internet - Computers - Nigeria

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MultiLinks Monthly Plans

Imagine if all ur phone contacts have u know what that means? Anyone who has come across it can also testify to the speed and the cheapness. When will Nigeria ever get there, are we going to keep being babies forever?

Anybody know whats going on? You get killer speeds and your moneys worth. The link speed is a disappointing kbps anly twice did it go up to kbps.

Why do you think Multilinks has waited this long to introduce their Evdo? MultiLinks Hourly Browsing Plans MultiLinks hourly browsing plans offer bundled hours of internet access over a specific period.

Why some Nigerians always fall this is because some us are largely un-informed. And can u imagine i got it for N and N suubscription evry month. Simple tin, give us seamless connectivity, thats all. Just like the Telephone Revolution.

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