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Protagonist in a sentence yahoo dating, the True Definition of a Protagonist

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And the reason it works so well and seems so unique in its complexity is because, structurally, it differs from everything else out there. In the case of Silence or Chinatown, both Main Characters are left with unresolved feelings, yet their respective cases have been solved. She has to get rid of everyone who had contact with it including the attorney himself and destroy any proof of it before the story can come to its rightful conclusion.

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Other characters in a story are called minor characters. These obstacles can be natural a storm, a tornado or human.

How do you use the word protagonist in a sentence? Michael Clayton is an example of the second. High Noon is an example of the first.

The protagonist of the Harry Potter series is Harry Potter. This motivation to pursue must be present within every act otherwise the story will breakdown as was the case in Zombieland. This appreciation of what is really going on in a story is one of those things that makes the theory so special. The protagonist is the main character.

The Protagonist is not always the one who changes in the story. If it were Michael or Arthur as the Protagonist it becomes less clear as to what the options would have been. Some stories are limited by time, the dating age formula some by the number of options left open to the Protagonist. Earlier this year the distinction was made between the Main Character and the Protagonist. He was the protagonist in Courageous.

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The protagonist in Cinderella is the Fairy God Mother becauseshe helps make Cinderella a gorgeous dress so she can attend theball. For thousands and thousands of years, many believed the Earth to be the center of the Universe. The protagonist of the movement was J.

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How is protagonist used in a sentence

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From the very beginning, Karen represents the drive to pursue in the larger context of the story. There can be more than one protagonist or antagonist in a story. Thus, the Main Character is not always the key focus of a story. It is Karen who is driving the story towards the goal of having uNorth escape this lawsuit unscathed. In contrast to Clarice or Jake, Michael is in a much better place at the end of his story.

It is the same with stories. This character is for something, this character is working towards solving the problem at hand. Once a writer understands the difference between Main Character and Protagonist, whole worlds of possible storylines open up to them. It is apparent that there too are big problems happening in Michael Clayton and that there are efforts being made to resolve them. For the next nine years he was the protagonist of Reform.

There are only so many ways she can deal with a mad rogue attorney running around with damning evidence. To meet this special perplexity, the author holds up the picture of early days, when the great protagonist of the Gospel constantly enjoyed protection at the hands of Roman justice.

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Protagonist Sentence Examples

The protagonist is the main character of the story. He has resolved his issues with his family, grown closer to his estranged brothers, and, going on, one can imagine Michael will improve his superficial relationship with his son.