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He knew the legendary gang bosses of those times. As a women who is older than most of her classmates, she has to overcome more challenges than her peers. Exceptional hand-eye coordination skills. Along the way, we have accepted this as the natural way of things.

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He was acquitted of all charges. He was once a feared gang boss but after becoming ill, he becomes softer and reflective of his life. But he has changed and seems to harbor a deep secret. He is a tough character with a big heart.

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At first glance, he looks like a laid-back, middle-aged man but he is actually a tightly-wound, cruel and cold-hearted person. Three years ago he was diagnosed with a hepatic insufficiency. The assailant was never caught and the case ended up in court where he was implicated as the prime suspect. That is how he became the director of the Midnight Hospital. In other words, she was at the bottom of all entering medical students in the nation.

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While applying for internships, she encounters Hur Jun and goes to work at his hospital. But things are not so simple. During one of the biggest gang fights in the country in that broke out in the Savoy Hotel, he was a year-old teenager fighting on one side. He once thought about leaving the gang to marry the person he loved.

Fired from her medical internship. He tries to remold his organization into a gentler one before passing it on to the next generation so that he can retire. In order to find the assailant who used a special wrestling arm hold, he becomes a professional wrestler himself. Two people living on the same planet could receive totally different medical treatment. He encounters Koo Dong-man who offers him a deal.

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But the evidence against him was flimsy and was thrown out by the judge. He can think quickly and has superb intuition.

In life, hook up means urban there are times when you hit a low point. He was despairing over his life when he caught Mr. She has the dedication and talent that could make her become an excellent surgeon.

Known as an accomplished doctor in the field of liver transplants. He used to be a loyal lieutenant who would cut off his hand for his boss if he had to. He strikes a deal with Hur Jun to get a liver transplant. He witnessed the brutal murder of his wife by an assailant right before his eyes three years ago. We live in a world where there is a price for everything, even human life.

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