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Am I eligible to be a donor? These expenses may include testing and screening e. The resultant embryo is implanted in the uterus of the recipient. The procedure starts with informing the donor about the procedures and treatments she is undergoing. Only then you are eligible to be matched with a suitable recipient couple.

Single Woman From Bangalore In India Looking For Sperm Donors

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Donate Sperm at these Sperm Donation Centers in Bangalore

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Donor Program - Apollo Fertility

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The sperms may be donated directly to the intended parent or through a sperm bank. The sperm bank is a facility at which human sperm is collected from the donor, stored, and used for women who need donor sperm to achieve pregnancy. Sperm banks screen donors for genetic diseases, chromosomal abnormalities, cosuri de craciun online dating and sexually transmitted infections. Sperm Donation Sperm donation is a process that involves the donation of sperm by a donor who is referred to as the sperm donor.

Then the physician correlates the donor menstrual cycle with the recipient cycle. After this duration, the donor is re-tested for infections to identify if there are any infections developed during the period. At Apollo, we assist you in every process of donor program starting from medical review to birth. The next step is synchronization.

Meanwhile, the recipient will be taking different medication to prepare the uterine lining for implantation of the embryos. This procedure includes a quarantine period.

Treatment costs Donors are reimbursed by the recipient for specific expenses related to the donation. Before initiating the donation process, all the details regarding reimbursement should be agreed in the writing form and detailed in a contractual agreement. Usually, the egg donation process takes one month in which egg retrieval take few minutes. In addition, your blood type and Rh factor also will be assessed. This is performed by administration of birth control pills.

Single Woman Information And Surrogate Requirements

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