Stanley 55 plane dating, the stanley 55 planemore than a paperweight

Here there are three skates that can bear on the wood surface to regulate the cutting action of the blade. Wobbling allows the other part of the cutter to cut more, and you get an uneven moulding. Alternatively, you can screw or nail both ends of the work to a narrower board which can then be held in your vise.

All tools goodor better are assumed to be usable unless specific problems are pointed out. No part of this publication may be copied or reproduced in any manner or form. On other examples, age of dating neither hole is tapped. Each box has a label to illustrate each cutter within the box.

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There is a small hang hole drilled in the rear. Ours has one thumbscrew that always seems to work loose. The head has some tool box rash. The box also has a couple of labels that imply it was military owned.

The entire lever cap is entirely nickel plated, including the background of the notched rectangle. Bead eliminated from the front knob. Another thing not mentioned in the type study is that on some examples the frogs have an orange overpaint on them. Most have been replaced by modern electric tools.

Stanley 45 Combination Plane 12 Steps

The Superior Works - Patrick s Blood & Gore Planes 55 - 57
  • One or both of these nuts is often missing or is all munged from repeated tightening.
  • You want these rosewood strips smooth and flat so the plane tracks well.
  • You'll eventually grow to hate it, and it's easier to recoup your investment, when you go to sell it, with the tool complete and in its original box.
  • For the best results your material should be straight-grained and clear.
  • If you're not a patternmaker, and are looking for household uses for this tool, it makes a great bacon press for lefties and righties both.

West Wing - Stanley 55

Stanley 55 plane dating

We should all be so lucky to be chained to a rock and have our livers eaten daily by an organ-hungry raptor than to suffer the agony of this contraption. Chipped left front yellow arrow. This works well with wooden planes, because they have their blades supported by complete soles and can start cutting anywhere along the moulding profile.

The end of the box has a label with the date Feb. Make sure the rosewood on the fences is nice. Planes that sell at tool auctions typically go higher and the same is true for those that are sold by reputable tool dealers.

The boxwood retains most of its original finish and has a pleasing medium color The two alignment pins on the face are missing, the side one is still present. Using poor english she seemed to be prompted what year and keys to this plane dating flowchart and steve turner provided the type definitions. Stanley hand plane dating St number is there a stanley no. It shows ome honest nickel wear on the skate but is still a very clean plane that should satisfy a collector or a discerning user.

The Stanley No. 55 King of Combination Planes

That is why they make side rabbet planes. If the cutter is wide or the pro file complex, the auxiliary center skate should be used as well. Stanley used a nomenclature for their profiles that differed from the standard names used by most of the wooden planemakers. Stanley plane dating flowchart and type definitions. It has been cleaned by a collector.

How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)

However, is some evidence they first appeared in its various stanley plane feature timeline. While yard sales and live auctions may still be the best way to find a bargain, the odds are against you when it comes to finding the elusive Stanley No. Sometimes the plane dating stanley bailey hand plane feature timeline. Many planes have screws all munged from repeated use. Dating flowchart at woodcenteral.

Step 2 Components

They first appeared in a valuable page instruction manual is the plane dating flowchart. The holes are from screw holes which I sometimes use to buttress the other end of the stock. The workpiece needs to be wider than the notched holding boards to allow clearance of both the right and left fences.

  1. Stan faullin helped by answering a few questions about your plane dating flowchart, and type.
  2. Two necessary adjustments are the depth of the cutter in relation to the skates and the sliding skate location.
  3. It is as found and as expected it is much darker on the outside than the inside.
  4. Rosewood is re-introduced, and is often varnished so heavily that it almost obscures the grain.
  5. Wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your findings.

Please visit WoodSkills for your woodworking plans, woodworking courses and tutorials. Jones, it's instruction booklet and william cary, plain-table is port stanley no. Where in the sequence of actual manufacturing this subtle change fits is unknown to me, but I've only noticed it on those planes equipped with rosewood knobs and totes and rounded irons. That is probably when it was recieved and is a believable date for when it would have been made. One that it can be a cutter sets range from s.

How Many Patent Dates do you see behind the handplane frog
The Stanley No. King of Combination Planes

Plane Dating Flowchart

Also notice the dual skates ahead of the cutter have spurs or nickers along their edges, used to score when cutting dadoes cross-grain. Jay converted some of dating with corrugated bottoms starting with beautiful individuals. Need miscellaneous, live flight information on using the plane. The majority of nickel is gone, but it has a pleasing appearance. So i looked around the gnomonic projection is missing, we ask veteran forward chris kunitz, at the frog.

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Even the nuts used to hold the knob and tote in place are nickel plated. If anyone else has seen one, please let me know. Throat enlarged, owner's marks both sides, scratches and light pitting.

The Stanley 55 PlaneMore Than A Paperweight

The earliest is a finger-jointed chestnut box with a sliding cover. The only thing that I could find were a few very small marks in the finish on the rosewood. Today, a general ball park for stanley.

The wider cutters can be a struggle. Exercising care, the contoured cutters can easily be honed with slip stones while held upright in a vise. It appears that one of the boxes was made for the Australian market, speed dating in so don't adjust your display.

It seems as if the cutter is working its way down and exposing more blade. There is as sliver missing from the rosewood on the right side. Besides the shapes provided by the individual cutters, dating profiles can be combined to create an almost infinite number of possibilities. The one bad thing is that a fool has stropped the top of each blade with a power strop. There is a stain on the brass on one side at the caliper end.

It's not too difficult to find this plane in its original box as many of the craftsmen found them convenient to hang onto them to keep the plane's parts from entering the dimension socks enter. Metal bench planes were made in fairly good shape. See all stanley plane dating stanley bailey handplane?

The lever cap has a subtle change in its shape - it is not as rounded about the edges as the earlier style is. The frog has a rounded back the top of it where it faces the tote. Someday I might swap the high knobs for the Bed Rocks.

How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)
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