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Bridge Commander, a really nice simulation game sold in for Windows, is available and ready to be played again! McCoy's ex-girlfriend would suck out of them would tell you that a true Captain would make command decisions to his crew from his chair. This set comes with custom red, yellow and green alerts. The music is also comprised of such well-known scores, rounding out the package into one of complete Trek immersion. New graphics for bridge commander.

Bridges Generations Galaxy Bridge v. Its here, the First Bridge Commander patch. Bridge Commander, apply patchs, fixes, maps or miscellaneous utilities.

Originaly purcheased by John addison. This announcement was reversed several days later. Captain Wright is onboard a shuttle en route to an orbital research station when the Vesuvi star suddenly goes nova. Any Captain worth the salt that Dr.

Players also have the option to switch to an external ship view, and carry out many piloting and weapons functions themselves. Felix Savali, the tactical officer to destroy an enemy ship. The installer will now exit.

Star Trek Bridge Commander 2

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Performance on mid-range machines is still excellent, although would have to be not-as-detailed. Screenshots from MobyGames.

While searching for the technology that destroyed the Vesuvi star in the Alioth system, the Sovereign is ambushed and forced to leave Data behind on the surface of the system's sixth planet. Gameplay centers around the player as the newly-recruited Captain of a damaged vessel, making their way through the mystery of their situation, one waypoint at a time. Certain systems may need special attention if they become particularly damaged or drained as a result of the melee.

Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic. Some newer ones, like Rebel Galaxy at Good Old Games, let the player command his own ship in third person perspective. Weekly Poll Results - What did you think of the recent trailer for the new Star. Fantastic game from the past. This is the opposite to most spaceflight games where you zip around in one-man craft or pilot a cargo ship from outside.

From developer Totally Games and publisher Activision comes a Star Trek title worthy of its licensed name. Trek fans will be pleased to know that both Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner make appearances, and there are even a couple of missions that center around their characters. Bridges Intrepid Bridge v.

The third version of the Stargate Pack which includes new ships, stations and even hyperspace. The ships are as beautiful and detailed as one seen on television, complete with deep, rich color and lighting effects.

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Federation Akira Class Mod Pack v. Here is the latest update to the Defiant bridge set. The Next Generation and served as an associate producer for the series.

Matan is assisted by a new race of aliens called the Kessok whom Matan exploited and lied to in order to gain their cooperation. Totally Games has delivered.

Star Trek Bridge Commander Download ( Simulation Game)

He added that the missions were well paced, although he complained of the difficulty of a stealth based level. The patched the game using the download link on this site. Model and permession currently owned by Raven Night. MyAbandonware More than old games to download for free!

Throughout the mystery, the player will encounter characters from the Star Trek universe, including Captain Picard and Commander Data. The in-game tutorial is part of the campaign's first mission and helpfully introduces the player to the basics. The ship is towed back to a Federation drydock by an Akira class, and fully repaired by worker bees. Just one click to download at full speed!

Shortly after Data's rescue and the formation of the alliance, the Sovereign is ordered to destroy the remaining Kessok technology that destroyed the Vesuvi star. The game ends with Matan's ship falling into the star and the beginnings of formal diplomatic relations with the Kessok. The final confrontation with Matan occurs near the star of the Omega Draconis system. The graphics outside the bridge will astound you, avseq software and represent Star Trek perfectly.

Weekly Poll Results - Which is your favourite Enterprise? This is the Defiant Class U. Here the player sits in the command chair and issues orders usually through a convenient menu system. The resulting shockwave is devastating, destroying the planet's orbital stations and obliterating the Captain's shuttlecraft. Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible.

As the next ranking officer, the player takes the command chair and the mission of discovering the cause of the deadly blast. The old download is up on the German site, which can be a pain to download. Neb-lus suspected Cardassian motives when the Kessok were first discovered by them. An artificial intelligence would then pilot the ship for the player. The game's story was developed with the help of D.

Captain Picard wishes the player good luck on their journeys, and the Sovereign warps away. This does add a bit to the frustration factor, but the developers included the ability to have the ship repaired at the Starbase between battles. There are plenty of spaceship sims that allow you to fly in space.

Star Trek Bridge Commander PC Game - Free Download Full Version

The executive officer the player is promoted to Captain. No files were found matching the criteria specified. We have begun diplomatic negotiations with the Kessok.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Particular systems on an enemy's ship can be targeted shields, weapons, etc which adds to the depth of the combat greatly. Federation Intrepid Class Mod Pack v.

Even better if you're a fan of Star Trek! The save system is automatic, saving your progress between each mission.

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