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Plus I go to church and church functions a lot and have a big loving non-cussing church family. The movies spool through the computer and can be viewed on your monitor in the comfort of your home. Family Movies with Surprisingly Scary Scenes.

Your website is a blessing. Banks has taken heat for including some alternative facts about Spielberg in an ill-prepared speech. Of course, I know better than anyone that words really do hurt, although I think some parents take it to far.

Thank you, and please no hate. But the plot is a simple creative difference between factions in a college A Capella group and most viewers will not lose sleep after seeing it. But it's still kinda deep in me, an old ugly habit.

Then communicate the idea with no bad words. The original starring Burt Reynolds as a quarterback leading prison inmates in a game against prison guards was both funny and gritty. Like just yesterday, I looked up Legend of the Drunken Master because my family wanted to see it on Netflix. The original directed by Robert Wise is considered a classic in the supernatural horror genre. When ever my siblings hear it they laugh.

This is primarily a clean cut version of college with only passing mention of troubling topics. These days we hear the words in movies, songs, and even just from people. They don't care what others feel or think. Finding alternatives and solutions does.

Watch Out Family Movies with Cursing

The British original was a cult classic that explored universals themes like religion, and had an eerie feel. The film had gone through a number of changes, and had plenty of room to improve on the original. Start your free trial now. Smile Bunny, that's meant as a compliment.

How about watching a full length movie online through Yidio? If most of us habitually curse without caring who hears us and is offended, then what comes next? It will be hard to leave the theater without singing at least one of the songs from this soundtrack, however. Pitch Perfect is a fine example of how A Capella concerts can be presented on the silvery screen without much interference from a pesky plot line.

The cussing makes it interesting. Also starring Anna Kendrick. The habit is that ingrained. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Print.

It was not at all my upbringing. Very ugly opinion of person s involved. You obviously don't like cursing now, so keep your smarts and stand on your right to choose your own words. Do you prefer the down to Earth reality of a historical piece? Conversely, the cleaner my verbal choices, the more other people's cuss-words ring sour in my ears.

Movie remakes that should have never been made

Watch Pitch Perfect Trailer. Now they kinda watch their language around me so they don't feel the need to apologize very often. Now she watches Grease, and she learned smoking. So on that note, this version of Footloose is recommended. While it hews closely to the original, pakistani video song punjabi Craig Brewer infuses his Footloose remake with toe-tapping energy and manages to keep the story fresh for a new generation.

Also directed by Jason Moore

Then I came home from work one day and my wife asked if I remembered all the language that was in there. Many years ago, a sweet lady a family elder asked about my best friend Tracey. Cursing is such a foolish subject.

Please do consider who is listening. The Longest Yard The original starring Burt Reynolds as a quarterback leading prison inmates in a game against prison guards was both funny and gritty.

Watch Out Family Movies with Cursing

It was so bad even the presence of Liam Neeson was not enough to rescue it. Make our opinions heard over the loud sounds of foul language. Pretending it doesn't happen doesn't fix the problem. Over-used, ugly words lose emotional impact. But that is where the enjoyment ends.


The first trailer for the sequel reveals some key details about the movie. Is that what most of us really want? Except that cursing isn't exactly a foolish subject.

It is absolutely your choice whether or not to swear. Sadly, I do not think there was ever any hope for it. Is the abundant use of obscenity and profanity really the standard of communication now?

Cursing may be a part of free speech. Only by the grace of God is my speech cleaned up - mostly - ugh!

Movie remakes that should have never been made


Remaking a classic is never a good idea. It is not my place to tell you what to say or what not to say. Wormald is a poor substitute for Bacon, and is an even worse lead for a major motion picture. And seeing Willard Miles Teller learning how to dance is one of the highlights of the film, much like it is the original film.

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In any case, that's why I really love this website. Those who cuss to spite others are showing insensitivity. The moment he walks on-screen, he has an energy to him that is simply unmatchable. Usually remakes are for big block busters where today's technology and special effects can outshine the feeble attempts of the past and make a great story better by sucking the audience in. Now you only have to wait until next July.

Watch Out Family Movies with Cursing