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Santana asks Brittany to go with her to New York after their trip, and Brittany accepts. She does not have any solo musical performances during season one, but Morris hoped she would have one in the second season. Her interaction with the black mall Santa was a highlight. At the same time, the show was looking for a third cheerleader, they originally wanted to have the third be African American, but Morris ended up landing the role of Brittany Pierce. Returning to Lima, she becomes arrogant, refuses to perform at Regionals, leaves the Cheerios, and breaks up with Sam.

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Is Britney Spears Married?! See the Pic that Started the Rumors

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Brittany is regularly played by actress Heather Morris. Also shining in this storyline was Dot Jones as Coach Bieste. Heather Morris perfectly played up Brittany's innocence and joy surrounding everything Santa.

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They invite Finn on a date with the both of them, but ignore him throughout the evening and ultimately request that he sit in the car and leave them to finish their meal alone. New Directions put a new set list together at the last minute, and go on to win the competition regardless. She plays Brittany as being very innocent, rather than stupid. The two rejoin New Directions after the Troubletones lose to them at Sectionals. Morris, however, turned down the job.

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Brittany states her unhappiness at being a math genius and kisses her ex-girlfriend Santana. She says that if she and Artie ever break up, she would be Santana's, proudly so. In the season finale, Brittany reveals that her grades are so bad she is not graduating, but will have to repeat her senior year. Brittany finally graduates in the episode, one year late. However, Brittany states that she loves Artie too, and would never do anything to hurt him, even if it means not being able to be with Santana.

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Her scene as Santa, and then her knowing expression as she watched Artie walk, were the best moments of the episode. It's always her and I just messing around and they end up using it.

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Santana rejects her, so Brittany attempts to make her jealous by dating fellow glee club member Artie Abrams Kevin McHale. Brittany also reveals that she and Santana have had sex, but are not dating. After talking with Santana, sandwichandcereal newgrounds dating Brittany decides to perform at Regionals. Look as cute as you can so he'll love you even more.

Heather in particular has brought the laughs as the Cheerio least likely to get a Mensa invitation. Later the New Directions serenade them in an attempt to be invited to their upcoming wedding. She sleeps with Artie, but Santana tells him that Brittany was just using him for his voice, so he breaks up with her, to Brittany's dismay.

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Watching Artie, and eventually the rest of the club, work to keep Brittany's belief intact was truly in the spirit of Christmas and should have been made into a fuller part of the episode. Brittany takes matters into her own hands and tries to invite Alma to the wedding, but Alma's prejudice is too strong and she rejects their engagement, and Brittany tells her off for doing so. Cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch then enlists the three of them to help her destroy the club from the inside.

After that, Zach called me and said they might not hire me anyway because they wanted the third cheerleader to be black, so my hopes were shot. Since you're acting now, I know Ryan Murphy would love to consider you for a part. Santana comes back to try and break them up, however fails. Morris grew up with a strong background in choreography.