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The following fix finally fixed my Sirius. Also shred any Vista documentation.

So he was tasked with finding a permanent solution to these problems and here it is. Normally, this sort of problem could be fixed by reinstalling the program but, as many people have discovered, this is harder than it seems.

Windows Media Player 9

Just curious whether other people with these problems are also having problems with Windows Media Center too? However, uninstalling windows media player isn't simple as it involves changes in your win registry. There is no way possible to reinstall Windows Media Player being that it is part of the actual Vista program. Generally the player is protected against corruption of what you could fix by normal reinstalls. Your issue as you have described it indicates that the player is already currently open, autocad for electrical engineering which is why the clip is playing.

If you find this helpful, give me full marks! My one suggestion is to not copy and paste Johns Dll. Heck they don't even read the forums they created for that purpose. Thankyou for a very very helpful tip. So I turned it back on and tried again.

Windows Media Player 9 Free Download

But it would be nice to have access to simple fixes. May be far fetched, but nevertheless possible. This will replace any system files that are missing or corrupted. This problem has been killing me for days now, such an easy fix to delete the folder. Some of the responses here are just plain idiotic.

Windows Media Player 9 on Vista

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Some one else posted the site to get it, but I guess he didn't know where to click.

Most likely the Custom button is highlighted, go in to the drop down menu by pressing the down arrow on the right. Windows Media Player is not installed properly. It was working great for several months, and then I made the mistake a couple weeks ago, of forgetting to obtain the digital rights to a book I downloaded before attempting to transfer it to my Zen.

Windows Media Player 9 Free Download

It really can't, and I suspect that advice like this helps mislead people further. The internet explorer was also all screwed up, but now is working just fine! If you switch it off you have to restart your computer.

Try to solve it at that point more directly as opposed to trying to do an end-run via reinstall. However there may be multiple reasons whyc the issue occurs in which case running a single command may not resolve it. Can anyone sugguest a fix.

Any help would be appreciated. Your email address will not be published.

The issue you mention is not the same as the original poster and my issue. Wish it would have worked. Thank you very much for your suggestion!

This is actually funny everyone. That should likely fix this up. In addition, it refuses to add any new items to the library.

The instructions were very unclear whether you procede from a command prompt or whatever. Could you explain how and where I go to turn off the user account control. Please give any suggestions. So I went in to turn it off and found it was already off. Beginning verification phase of system scan.

Is there anyway for me to not delete the old user profile and keep using it? But when I tried to run it asAdministrator, it worked! No way would I have ever thought to do what you had done!

Co-incidentally I also had a problem with an Audigy sound card driver. However, I found I could open it if I logged on as another user. This problem just started this morning.

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Windows Media Player 9 on Vista

People really wanting to reinstall usually are attempting to solve some specific problem - you would usually be better off trying to solve that problem more directly. Forums New posts Search forums. How can I find out what ones I have installed, and uninstall them? This is simple because it will either work or it won't.

But if the advice you are trying to follow is running afoul of permissions issues, that doesn't seem like it was particularly great advice in the first place. Or have you purchased them? They don't play together well. Hope this resolves the problems. Before you do anything, just you back up everything in case you'll encounter complications.

As you never know what is going to happen with Vista. Obviously there is a glitch in Vista here, and Microsoft doesn't know about it. Think of Vista commercials if you have no idea what I mean. Mobile Device or Sync Center?